GDSN standard updated to version 3.1.26

On the 24 February, the GDSN standard was updated to version 3.1.26. The Swedish implementation of GS1 Trade Item Information has also been updated. The update includes:

– new and updated code lists
– new and removed validation rules
– five new attributes

Code values that can only be used after release 3.1.27
In release 3.1.26, three code values for T4359 Claim element code have been activated for the Swedish market, without including the supplementary code values in T4358 Claim type code and can therefore not be used. The supplementary code values will be activated in release 3.1.27 in May.

This concerns code values:

Changes in the BDS since publishing
There have been som changes in the BDS since the publishing. See table below for changes/corrections.

If you have any questions about the release, please contact

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