Documentation for GDSN maintenance release 3.1.25 is now available

GDSN Release 3.1.25 will go live on Saturday, November 18.

The release includes updates to the Swedish implementation of GS1 Trade Item Information, including:

new and updated code lists
– new and removed validation rules
– updated definitions for five attributes
– changed translations for two attributes
– one new attribute

Changes for T0018 and T337

In conjunction with release 3.1.25, we are making some adjustments related to information about the name of a product. The change is made to ensure that we use the attributes in full compliance with the global standard, as part of increased global interoperability.

T0018 changes the Swedish translation to Artikelkategori and T3337 to Produktnamn. Note that the previous limitation of 18 characters for T3337 is removed and the allowed number of characters will be 35. For this reason, Swedish validation rule 730269 is removed.

T3337 will also be mandatory for all trade item levels which is ensured by a new validation rule 730681. Rule 730290 is therefore removed.

Master data file for Swedish data model

Earlier this year, we presented a master data file that we have been working on for some time and which is a complement to the Trade Item Information Guideline, BDS, validation rules and quality assurance rules. In the master file, all information is gathered in one place. In the file, we have worked with different needs for different industries and what kind of information is required in different contexts, such as logistics or dangerous goods.

Please note that the master file is a Beta version and is still under construction. For complete and accurate content for release 3.1.25, please refer to the regular documentation.

The English documentation has been updated and is available on under Upcoming specifications.

If you have any questions about the release, please contact

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