Covid-19 response

On this page you will find the latest information about GS1 Sweden’s routines and response related to the corona pandemic.

The outbreak of covid-19 presents operational challenges for all of us. GS1 Sweden make daily plans to maintain a high service level for you and your business. We follow the latest recommendations from the Swedish Public Health Agency.

The transition may have some consequences for your business and therefore we will keep you posted about how we plan and act on an ongoing basis.

Actions, routines and service level


GS1 Sweden is available, but currently limits physical meetings to a minimum in favor of digital meetings in the first place. At meetings we follow recommendations for distance and hand hygiene.


Staff at GS1 Sweden work remotely and are available in limited capacity in the office. Staff for photo production and quality assurance are on site in Hammarby Sjöstad.


Classroom training is replaced by online webinars during the corona outbreak. Go to our course page and to find current courses and seminars.

Customer Service

GS1 Sweden’s Customer Service strives to maintain as fast response times as possible, but availability may be affected. At the moment we maintain the regular level of service.

Photo production

We maintain all lead times for photography and CGI production (Computer Generated Imagery).

Lead times

Photography: Max. 10 business days.

Photography EXPRESS: Within 48 hours.

CGI and special photography: We keep regular lead times for ongoing orders.


For the time being, we are not able to offer the service BarcodeCheck.

Quality assurance

We maintain all lead times for quality assurance of image and trade item information.

Lead times

Data Quality: Max. 5 business days.

Barcode Quality: Max. 5 business days.

Trade Item information EXPRESS: Within 24 hours.

IMAGE and Quality Assurance PLUS: Max. 5 business days.

Bids for the photo studio

We do not currently accept bids or customers in our premises in Hammarby Sjöstad. Visitors are asked to call at the door and leave the physical sample outside the door.