What needs to be populated when using Svenska Retursystem’s pallets?

For items which are loaded onto one of Svenska Retursystem’s pallets, Packaging type code, Pallet type code and Returnable package deposit code must be populated. When Validoo Item carries out its validations the load device weight given in the code list is included in the gross weight. In the event that different standard weights are given in the code lists for Pallet type and Returnable package deposit, the weight from Returnable package deposit is used.

T0137 Packaging type code        T2244 Pallet type codeT0148 Returnable package deposit code
SRS Half-size pallet black, 11.2 kgPX-pallet    10 – ISO 0-pallet07350000486100
SRS Half-size pallet black (brewing)PX-pallet10 – ISO 0-pallet07350000486117
SRS Full-size pallet blackPX-pallet11 – ISO 1-pallet07350000486308
SRS Full-size pallet greyPX-pallet11 – ISO 1-pallet07350000486315

For items which have one of Svenska Retursystem’s boxes as the packaging type, “T0137 Packaging type code” should be set to CR – Crate and “T0148 Returnable package deposit code” to the appropriate model of box.

For pallets which do not carry a deposit, Packaging type and Returnable package deposit code should be given. For example, for a single-use half pallet set “T0137 Packaging type code” to PX – Pallet and “T2244 Pallet type code” to 10 – ISO 0-pallet.

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