What decides when product information becomes availble in Validoo?

To begin with, trade item information and product images are only available for the recipients whom the supplier has addressed in Validoo. After that the following logic is used:

  • At the point in time when the product is made available to consumers, its trade item information and product image become available for all receivers who have signed a Validoo Buyer and/or Validoo Receiver agreement. The information is also made available in our open interface ProductSearch. This “point in time” is when the “Consumer first availability date time” provided in the trade item information has passed. If the point in time varies depending on who the recipient is, the earliest point in time provided by the supplier is used.
  • If “Consumer first availability date time” is not provided, the point in time is fetched from “Start availability date time” in the product trade item information.
  • When the product image is to be approved for publishing, customers can choose to “overwrite” the date fetched from the trade item information and manually provide a publishing date for the image. Only dates further in the future than those used in the trade item information logic may be supplied. (Note: The preceding logic can also be applied for recipients that have received trade item information for the product, but it should only be used in the case of design changes, for example.)
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