How do I populate trade item information for items of varying weight?

For items with varying dimensions such as meat, fish, cheese, fruit and vegetables where the quantity of products in a package can vary and the price varies with the quantity, trade item information is given as follows:

Variable measure item indicator

In trade item information the term Variable measure item indicator is set to true to show that the item is variable measure. The indicator is a yes/no indicator which is mandatory at all item levels since some items, for example cheese, can have a variable weight at base unit level but fixed weight at case level.

GTIN, Global Trade Item Number

A consumer unit with a variable weight is numbered with a variable measure number. Since a GTIN is always 14 digits in trade item information, the 13 digit code should be padded with a leading zero. When a variable measure number is used in trade item information, the four digits showing the price in crowns or the weight in kilograms are replaced by four zeros and the check digit recalculated.

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Note that it is only the consumer unit, at the base unit level of the item hierarchy, which is numbered with a variable measure number. Items at the case level and pallet level must not be numbered with a variable measure number but with a GTIN.

Item width, height, depth, gross weight and package contents

Measure and weigh several units to determine an average value for the item’s dimensions and use these in trade item information.

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