UPC barcodes are used in the United States and Canada to label consumer products and outer packaging with an item number. Like the EAN code, it is used to label consumer products that are going to pass through a check-out point.

When are UPC codes used?

The barcodes UPC-A and UPC-E are used by producers and suppliers primarily in the grocery trade. They are also used in retail, manufacturing, warehouse, construction and pharmaceuticals.

How is UPC used?

UPC-A is used on the U.S. and Canadian markets to label consumer packaging that should pass through a check-out point and that is identified with a GTIN-12.

UPC-E is used in the same markets to label small consumer packaging that has limited space for a barcode, and is identified with a GTIN-12.

However, if you export products to the United States and Canada, you should label them with EAN-13 or EAN-8,because stores there should be able to scan these barcodes.

Most scanners designed for EAN barcodes can also scan UPC.

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