Global Service Relation Number (GSRN)

GSRN (Global Service Relation Number) is a GS1 business relationship number that is used to give customer, business, or user relationships a unique identity.

Who uses GSRN?

In Sweden, GSRN is used to number electrical installations (measuring points). GSRN can also be used for anti-theft marks and by service providing companies wanting to identify their relationships with individual service providers, for example doctors working in a hospital or consultants performing work on their behalf.

Glödlampor, GSRN

What is the benefit of GSRN?

When a relationship is given a unique business relationship number, GSRN, ordering, planning, and maintenance of the company’s services is simplified for both the company’s customers and the company itself.

By using GSRN, companies can streamline their processes, improve the quality of the services and create transparency for traceability throughout the value chain. It benefits both end customers and service providing companies.

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