Database with business information about addresses, parties and places.

Directory serves as a common database for customers and suppliers, with information about invoice addresses and delivery locations. By updating and publishing information in Directory, your trading partners always have access to updated information about you that facilitates delivery and invoicing.

Who uses Directory?

Directory is suitable for all companies and organizations that easily want to update and share information with colleagues and business partners. Whether you are active in retail trade, industry, public sector or any other industry, you have a database that collects all current contact information about, for example, trading venues, freight reception locations and invoice recipients. The same company can have many different delivery locations and it becomes complicated if deliveries and invoices is not sent to the right place.

“With Directory, we become more efficient when we and our trading partners can relate to the same standard when we share contact information with each other.” — Kristina Bennhage, System Manager, Västra Götaland Region

The benefits of Directory

With Directory, you and your business partners always have access to accurate and updated contact information to each other, which facilitates delivery and invoicing. If you have Directory, you can do unlimited searches in our Directory service. You can also integrate it with your company’s business system so that updates made in Directory automatically take effect there as well.

How to use Directory

To use Directory, you need GLN – numbers that identify delivery locations, work place, freight recipients, e-invoice recipients, and much more. Directory gives your business partners an overview of your contact and delivery information and you can keeps track of your suppliers’, customers and partners’ information. Directory facilitates both internal and external communication, so you save time and can be confident that the information is accurate.

How it works:

  1. You create a GLN (Global Location Number) for your most important locations. Directory has a built-in management of GLN, which means that the service knows which GLNs you have already used and produces the next available number for you
  2. Your GLN is added to the Directory and becomes available to anyone using the tool. You update and publish your location information yourself.
  3. In Directory, all your locations become searchable in our Directory Service and you will find GLN, address, delivery, and invoice details to your business partners.

How do I get Directory?

To get started with Directory, your company needs to subscribe to a GS1 Company Prefix from GS1 Sweden and sign an agreement for Directory. You can then start publishing, updating, and sharing information. If you already have the GS1 Company Prefix, you can easily log in and sign an agreement for Directory here.

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