Service description Validoo DataEntry

Here you will find practical information on how to become a customer and use the system.

Prerequisites for use

  • You identify your company with a GLN (GS1 location number) and your products with GTIN (Global trade item number). These numbers are generated using a GS1 Company prefix that your company subscribes to from GS1 Sweden or another GS1 organisation.
  • Your company must sign a contract for Validoo Supplier
  • Your company must sign a contract for Validoo DataEntry.
  • Your company must comply with the terms and conditions and pay the fees in accordance with Validoo DataEntry’s current agreement.

This is how Validoo DataEntry works

  • Validoo DataEntry is a system for filling in trade item information that you send to recipients who subscribe to information from Validoo.
  • Validoo DataEntry can also be used to review and change previously submitted item information, or to correct errors reported in Validoo validation reports.
  • In Validoo DataEntry, you can manage access for the item information, that is, which recipient (s) should access your item information.
  • You can download the trade item information in different formats
  • You can create templates in Validoo DataEntry that can be used for similar products.
  • Trade item information that is in the works can be stored in Validoo DataEntry before publication

This is how development and operation work

  • Validoo DataEntry follows the GS1 standard for trade item information.
  • New or changed functionality in Validoo DataEntry is being developed and launched on demand. The changes are planned and prioritized based on complexity, customer demand and customer benefit, and there are no fixed launch dates.
  • Validoo is normally in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, the operation is unsupervised during certain times and operational interruptions during these times may occur. In addition, interruptions in operations may also occur at other times due to both planned interruptions for maintenance and unplanned interruptions.
  • Customer service is here for you by phone and email Monday through Friday.

You get this as a customer

A user logged into Validoo DataEntry can do the following:

  • Enter new trade item information
  • Maintain existing trade item information by updating and correcting the information as needed
  • Create templates
  • Receive error messages if the entered information is insufficient or incorrect based on global and Swedish validation rules, as well as recipient-specific rules
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