Directory description of service

Directory is an additional service to the GLN tool My Places. Directory gives you additional features to enrich your GLNs with more information that you can share with your stakeholders.

To take part of the features you need:

  • subscribe to a GS1 Company Prefix from GS1 Sweden
  • sign a supplementary agreement for Directory

In addition to My Places basic features, you get:

  • automated registration of multiple GLNs via API.
  • logistics module with the option to share additional information linked to your GLNs, for example transport restrictions and opening hours.
  • make an unlimited number of searches in GS1 Sweden’s Number Information Service. If you do not have the Directory, you can do a maximum of 30 searches per day.

Please note that:

  1. Your company may not provide personal data from GS1 Sweden’s Number Information Service to third parties.
  2. Your company may not encourage your users to generate e-mails or other communications to contact persons whose contact information is located in GS1 Sweden’s Number Information Service or Directory.
  3. Your company does not have the right to automatically generate e-mail or other communications to the people whose contact information is presented in GS1 Sweden’s Number Information Service.

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