Webinar: Get ready for the future of barcoding

Past event

The barcode revolution from traditional 1D barcode to 2D barcode, has already begun to be implemented in other parts of the world and now the Swedish grocery industry is facing a decision on transition.

This on-demand webinar took place in November 2020 and highlights the benefits of the new future-proofed 2D barcode. You’ll learn what happened when Australian supermarket chain Woolworths launched 2D barcodes for fresh food in all their stores.

Learn how a transition from 1D to 2D can create business benefits such as;

  • increased traceability,
  • effective recalls;
  • reduced food waste,
  • more detailed product information

… and completely new opportunities for direct communication with consumers.

DLF and SvDH now recommend their members to conduct pre-studies on the implementation of 2D barcodes in 2021. GS1 Sweden is there to provide support and expertise in this initiative. Read more about the initiative here.

We have our own expert on site to answer your questions about pre-study and implementation of 2D barcodes.


Woolworths journey from 1D to 2D bacodes

In August 2020, the supermarket chain went live with 2D barcodes on their fresh food product range.

Speaker: Andrew Steele, Director – Retail

Company: GS1 Australia

Pre-study on 2D barcodes – how?

Recommendations for planning and conducting a pre-study on implementing 2D barcodes.

Speaker: Jonas Buskenfried, Product Manager

Company: GS1 Sweden


Date and Time: 19 November, kl 09:00-10:00 CET

Target Group: Members of the grocery industry who are considering to carry out a prestudy on the implementation of 2D barcodes.

Participation: Online via Teams

Fee: Free

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