The future in squares, from barcode to 2D code

Past event

At our webinar from May 26, 2020 you will get a current analysis of the upcoming shift from barcode to 2D code. You can also take part in lessons learned and tips from companies that have already completed the shift.


A package of Wrigleys was the first product with a barcode to be scanned in a cash register. The year was 1974 and the playing field changed for everyone who buys and sells products. Major efficiencies could be made both in the store and in the rest of the supply chain.

Now, 45 years later, we are facing a major and value-adding change in the grocery industry when the 2D code is about to replace the one-dimensional barcode.

On 26 May 2020, two experts from GS1 presented and discussed how we work with the industry to meet tomorrow’s challenges for identification and labeling.


From barcode to GS1 QR code – current situation

Advantages of 2D barcodes – for example GS1 QR code. What is happening right now in the process of changing to 2D code and where are we going in the future?

Speaker: Jonas Buskenfried, Product Manager

Company: GS1 Sweden

Pilot Study (in English)

What is important to consider when replacing the barcode with 2D code? Karen Arkesteyn shares lessons and tips from pilot studies.

Speaker: Karen Arkesteyn, Product Specialist

Company: GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg


Target group: You who work in retail with a focus on Master Data, Product Management, Data Quality or similar.

Participation:: Online via YouTube

Price: Free