Updated and simpler quality assurance service in Validoo

On April 19, we are launching an updated quality assurance service in Validoo. This means that you easier and faster can succeed in achieving higher quality of product data and barcodes.

The updated service makes it easier for you to get an approved status and the right quality on your product information. You will get to know a new, modern and user-friendly interface with features designed for;

  • easier use
  • higher data quality
  • saving tim

… and a reduced amount of administration when launching products.

The value of quality assurance. (In Swedish)

Guide: how the new interface works

In order for you to get started quickly, we have produced a series of demo videos that guide you through the news in our updated quality assurance service in Validoo.

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Industry needs

Product launches often take place under time pressure and the updated service has been developed to streamline the launch. It needs to be easy and time-efficient to quality assure your product before launch and ECR deadlines.

In addition, several industries have a growing need for high data quality to meet requirements from authorities, consumers and the outside world.

There is a strong need in the industry to simplify and speed up the process of quality assurance. With the new service, we take quality assurance in to the 20s, it should be easy to prepare your product for launch.

Tobias Granqvist, Product Manager GS1 Sweden
tobias granqvist

Several improvements in the updated service

You will notice a number of improvements with the updated service.

Several features are automated, which reduces the number of manual mistakes and increases the data quality. You will see an interface with a clearer design and with smart features that guide you through the process.

It is simply easier to get your product information right and get an approved status, which means that you can spend more time on your business and less time on administration.

News in the Quality Assurance Service:

    • Simplified booking through a better overview of the status of your products and ready-made action proposals. For example, if you already have approved measurements for a product, you do not need to send in the same package for measurement if you are to launch a new variant.
    • Automated function for simple corrections allows you to get approved faster without time-consuming administration of re-orders.
    • Digital product samples are used to a greater extent, which reduces the need to send in physical product samples.
    • Clearer results of the quality assurance with proposals for workarounds
    • Early control of received product samples allows you to get feedback quickly if something is wrong with a product sample.
    • New and more useful reports gives you valuable insights on how data and barcode quality can be improved for the long run.

Operating status

Shortly, on the operation information page, we will update you on dates, uptime, downtime and all other system and operation-related details before the transition to the new service.

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