ProPare- new project for digital product passport

Re:solve - Digital product passport

Within a couple of years, the EU is expected to implement new legislation that requires all products to have a product passport. We are now launching the ProPare project, which focuses on developing the underlying infrastructure for digital product passport – a solution based on an open and global standard.

Today, it is difficult for consumers and buyers to make sustainable choices. The idea of the ProPare project is to help brand owners in various industries to share digital information about product sustainability and at the same time meet the EU’s forthcoming legislation for eco-designed products.

Credible sustainability data in real time

The product passport aims to increase traceability and facilitate a circular economy by requiring manufacturers to share sustainability data for their products. Through an open infrastructure, all actors – both suppliers and retailers as well as authorities and consumers – can get credible sustainability data in real time, regardless of industry, company or product category.

In order for us to be able to successfully send product information between each other in 2025, regardless of industry, supplier or product, we need a basic global, competition-neutral infrastructure for product passports. We want to create this by using existing technology in a new way.

Staffan Olsson, GS1 Sweden
Staffan Olsson

ProPare project and business partners

The project is a collaboration between the parties Axfoundation, Svensk Handel, GS1 Sweden and Miljömärkning Sverige AB as well as trading companies, brand owners, producers, third-party certifiers and technology developers.

Company partners in the project are currently grocery, fashion, furniture and general retail with players such as Axfood / Dagab, Ahlsell Sverige AB and Mio AB, as well as the company Blue Cromos, which is developing the demo app.