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My Products

Now you can easily and automatically manage your GTINs and link each number to a small amount of product data. Generate Numbers and My Products are new services that are now included in your Company Prefix subscription.

As a brand owner and logged into our customer portal MyGS1, you can now easily generate, export and keep track of your GTIN, GLN and SSCC.

You also have the option to register GTINs, a limited amount of product data and an image for each product. Together, these attributes form a digital ID-card for your products.

The new Generate Numbers and My Products, are designed for;

  • easy and automated management of GS1 numbers
  • better control of your number series
  • more data quality since the risk of errors and duplicates are minimised

… and reduced administration since you no longer need spreadsheets to keep track of your numbers and products.

The web services are included from now on without additional charge for users who subscribe to the GS1 Company Prefix license.

How it works

My Places

Language: Swedish

Create, manage and share GLN (Global Location Number).

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My Products

Language: Swedish

Learn how to link the correct GTIN to a small amount of product information and an image.

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We are constantly working on expanding the toolbox and create more value for our users by adding useful functions to our customer portal. It is up to each user to choose among tools that simplify their daily business.

Rebecka Beiersdorf, Product Manager at GS1 Sweden

Simplified and automated number management

With Generate Numbers, you can start managing your GTIN, GLN, or SSCC in logged-in mode instead of spreadsheets or your own local solution. The tool will help you keep track of your number sequences and minimizes the risk of incorrect numbers being created.

The check digit is now calculated automatically when you use Generate Number instead of generating the number on in an extra step. For those who still want to calculate the check digit in logged-out mode, we still offer the web tool check digit calculator.

The right GTIN linked to the right product

By registering each product in My Products, you connect the correct GTIN to the correct product. Your buyers can be assured that the product is correctly identified, that the right product is connected to the right company and the risk of duplicate listings are eliminated.

You register each GTIN along with a limited amount of product information and an image. It helps you describe your product and keep track of which number belongs to which product. In addition, you can be sure that no one else accidentally claims your GTIN to connect it to another product.

You can choose to register your products one at a time or by using multiple upload. The information you register is synchronized to the global number database GS1 Registry Platform.

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