New service in your subscription

The new service ‘My Places’ allows you to efficiently and securely create, manage and share basic information related to your Global Location Number (GLN). The web service is now included in your GS1 Company Prefix.

If you are logged in to our customer portal MyGS1, you will find My Places. Here you can quickly and easily create, manage and share basic information related to your GLNs. To streamline communication with your stakeholders, you can also assign more information to each number. For example, you can specify address and contact details and the hierarchical relationship between your GLNs.

When you share your information, it contributes to global traceability. The information is synchronized to the global registry GS1 Registry Platform (GRP), where it becomes available and searchable in our Verified by GS1 service. An easy way to register and update your GLNs is to use the new Excel import function.

With My Places you get

  • More efficient and secure management of basic information linked to your GLNs

  • Better control of your GLNs

  • A more efficient way to share address and contact details with your stakeholders

  • Possibility of increased traceability through synchronization to the GS1 Registry Platform (GRP).

  • Increased confidence in your business through globally searchable GLNs in Verified by GS1

For those who need more data

For those who need to efficiently share extended amounts of updated party and location information with their business partners, the Directory add-on service is available. The service helps you ensure that you and your business partners always have access to accurate and up-to-date contact information about each other, making deliveries and invoicing easier.

The service enables you to add transport information to your GLNs, share opening hours and manage your data quickly and easily. Directory also allows you to automatically create and update many GLNs at once via API.

If you already have Directory, you will also automatically have access to all the new features and benefits included in My Places, but in a single interface. You can find these in MyGS1 under Directory.

How it works

In the demo video you are guided in My Places by Cecilia Brander, Product Owner at GS1 Sweden.Log in and start creating your GLNs.
Log in to MyGS1

New GLN types

In order to clarify for you and your stakeholders what type of location a specific GLN refers to, the GLNs you create will now be classified into GLN types. You specify the type when you create your GLN. There are five different GLN types:

  • Legal entity: A legal entity is a company, government agency, or any other type of organization that can enter into contracts and be a party in a court of law.
  • Department/Function: A department is a specific function within an organization, such as the reception, the billing department, or the marketing department.
  • Fixed physical location: A physical location is a concrete place that can be referred to by an address or coordinates.
  • Digital location: A digital location is an electronic location used for communication between different systems.
  • Mobile location: A mobile location is a physical location that is expected to move, such as a cargo ship or a blood bus.

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