RFID providers

These companies are suppliers of products and services within RFID and EPC. We recommend you to contact several of the suppliers so that you find the supplier who can offer the products or services that you need.

Consultant in RFID with more than 25 years of practical experience. Independent hardware supplier. Lecturer and advisor.

Products/Services: Consulting and Education, Hardware Supplier of LF, HF & UHF, Readers, Antennas, Tags, Special Solutions
514 52
Tel: 0325 – 406 40

Areff Systems AB
Offers customized RFID products and solutions.
Develops all or part of the systems and commissioning and maintenance thereof.

Products/services: Consultancy services and training. Supplier of readers, antennas and tags for RFID (LF, HF and UHF) and NFC.
Metallgatan 1
372 38 Ronneby
AUTO ID Konsult AB
Independent consultant within RFID.

Products/services: Consultancy services
Sleipnervägen 26
136 42 Haninge
Tel: 070 – 343 60 70
AutoIDExpert Scandinavia
Independent knowledge provider in the auto-ID area, including barcodes, but with a special focus on RFID technology.

Products/services: Consultancy services
Lars Christers Väg 1
224 78 Lund
Tel: 0730 – 80 34 00
Balluff AB
Hardware supplier within RFID and vision sensors with more than 20 years of experience.
Wholly owned subsidiary in Sweden in a global group headquartered in Germany.

Product/services: Supplier of read/print heads, antennas, processors, hand readers and data carriers for LF, HF & UHF
Vision sensors for barcode and data matrix reading.
Gamlestadsvägen 2, B19
415 02 Gothenburg
Tel: +46 31 340 86 30
Sales of RFID-related products.
Continuous RFID operations since 1984.

Products/services: Analyses, feasibility studies & system proposals. RFID products for all frequencies, such as readers, tags, labels, inlays, PDAs, etc.
LearningWell AB
Independent consultants within RFID. Programmers and system integrators. Lecturer and advisor.

Products/services: Consultancy services, system integrator
Götgatan 24
118 46 Stockholm
Tel: 070 – 332 84 70
Logopak Systems AB
Customized systems for industrial surroundings.

Products/Services: Antenna, Reader, Printer, Software, System Integrator, Tags/Labels, Reader Portals
Little Boom 1
41104 Gothenburg
Tel: 031 – 700 1230
Matiq As
Manages your rented RFID data capturing infrastructure and delivers standard based, off-the-shelf applications and integrations together with partners.

Products/Services: Antenna, Consulting, Reader, Printer, Software, System Integrator, RFID Infrastructure
Ion svannsveien 140
7048 Trondheim
Tel: +47 9 240 02 80
SATO Europe Nordic & Baltic
Provides printers, AutoID solutions and labels through our resellers in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Products/services: RFID smart tag printer, whether it’s image, text, QR code or barcode.
Box 24039
400 22 Gothenburg
Tel: 031-351 15 19
Scirocco AB
Manufacturer of identification systems for large and valuable objects in closed flows, e.g. road and rail vehicles, as well as various carriers and manufacturing objects.

Products/Services: Readers, Antennas, Tags, Software
Electroom 217
Isafjordsgatan 30A
164 40 Kista
Tel: 08 – 752 98 90
Siemens AB
RFID in production control and logistics.

Products/Services: Antenna, Consulting, Reader, Printer, Software, System Integrator, Tags/Labels
194 87 Upplands Väsby
Tel: 08 – 728 10 00
Starbright Consulting AB
Consultants in the field of data capture and information management based on Auto-ID technology.

Products/Services: Antenna, Consulting, Reader, Printer, Software, System Integrator, Tags/Labels
Foundry Street 9
553 36 Jönköping
Tel: 036 – 150004
TagMaster AB
Manufacturers of RFID equipment, including access control and transport.

Products/Services: Antenna, Reader, Software, Tags/Labels
Kronborgsgränd 1
164 87 Kista
Tel: 08 – 632 1950
TraceTracker Innovation ASA
Builds and integrates business applications and middleware.

Products/Services: Consulting Services, Software, System Integrator, Test Center
Chr Kroghs gt 32B
0186 Oslo
Tel: +47 4 820 30 00
Vilant Systems
Turnkey RFID solutions including Hardware, Software, Installation and Support for Industrial and Logistics. Integrated solutions with ERP, WMS, Production systems (e.g. PCL integration).

Products/Services: Antenna, Reader, Printer, Software, Consulting and Analytics, System Integration, Tags/Labels, Test Center
Bror Nilssons gata 5
417 55 Gothenburg
+46 31 789 00 00

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