T4373 Prescription type code

Code value Name Description Used in Sweden
HOSPITAL_PRESCRIPTION Hospital Prescription Available only through a hospital when prescribed by a doctor.
HOSPITAL_PRESCRIPTION_REQUIRED_FOR_FIRST_PRESCRIPTION Hospital Prescription Required For First Prescription This pharmaceutical or medical device must be prescribed for the first time at a hospital.
NO_PRESCRIPTION_REQUIRED No Prescription Required No prescription is needed for this trade item X
PRESCRIPTION_REQUIRED_ANY_LICENSED_PRESCRIBER Prescription Required Any Licensed Prescriber A prescription is required and may be prescribed by any licensed prescriber.
PRESCRIPTION_UNDER_MONITORING Prescription Under Monitoring The healthcare product can be prescribed only after specific exams. The result of the exam (such as radiography, blood count, scanner, etc.) will determine if the product can be prescribed or not.
SPECIALIST_PRESCRIPTION_REQUIRED Specialist Prescription Required Medical Device of pharmaceutical must be prescribed under the direction of a specialist authorised to prescribe the trade item.
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