T4280 Catch area code

Code valueNameDescriptionUsed in Sweden
01Africa - Inland watersAfrica - Inland waters
02America, North - Inland watersAmerica, North - Inland waters
03America, South - Inland watersAmerica, South - Inland waters
04Asia - Inland watersAsia - Inland waters
05Europe - Inland watersEurope - Inland waters
06Oceania - Inland watersOceania - Inland waters
07Former USSR area - Inland waters(Former USSR area - Inland waters)
08Antarctica - Inland watersAntarctica - Inland waters
18Arctic SeaArctic SeaX
21Atlantic, NorthwestAtlantic, NorthwestX
27Atlantic, NortheastAtlantic, NortheastX
27.1Barents Sea (Subarea 27.1)Barents Sea (Subarea 27.1)X
27.10Azores Grounds and Northeast Atlantic South (Subarea 27.10)Azores Grounds and Northeast Atlantic South (Subarea 27.10)X
27.12North of Azores (Subarea 27.12)North of Azores (Subarea 27.12)X
27.14East Greenland (Subarea 27.14)East Greenland (Subarea 27.14)X
27.14.aNortheast Greenland (Division 27.14.a)Northeast Greenland (Division 27.14.a)X
27.14.bSoutheast Greenland (Division 27.14.b)Southeast Greenland (Division 27.14.b)X
27.2Norwegian Sea, Spitzbergen, and Bear Island (Subarea 27.2)Norwegian Sea, Spitzbergen, and Bear Island (Subarea 27.2)X
27.2.aNorwegian Sea (Division 27.2.a)Norwegian Sea (Division 27.2.a)X
27.2.bSpitzbergen and Bear Island (Division 27.2.b)Spitzbergen and Bear Island (Division 27.2.b)X
27.3Skagerrak, Kattegat, Sound, Belt Sea, and Baltic Sea (Subarea 27.3)Skagerrak, Kattegat, Sound, Belt Sea, and Baltic Sea (Subarea 27.3)X
27.3.aSkagerrak and Kattegat (Division 27.3.a)Skagerrak and Kattegat (Division 27.3.a)X
27.3.bSound (Division 27.3.b)Sound (Division 27.3.b)X
27.3.b,cSound and Belt Sea or the Transition Area (Divisions 27.3.b,c)Sound and Belt Sea or the Transition Area (Divisions 27.3.b,c)X
27.3.cBelt Sea (Division 27.3.c)Belt Sea (Division 27.3.c)X
27.3.dBaltic Sea (Division 27.3.d)Baltic Sea (Division 27.3.d)X
27.4North Sea (Subarea 27.4)North Sea (Subarea 27.4)X
27.4.aNorthern North Sea (Division 27.4.a)Northern North Sea (Division 27.4.a)X
27.4.bCentral North Sea (Division 27.4.b)Central North Sea (Division 27.4.b)X
27.4.cSouthern North Sea (Division 27.4.c)Southern North Sea (Division 27.4.c)X
27.5Iceland and Faroes Grounds (Subarea 27.5)Iceland and Faroes Grounds (Subarea 27.5)X
27.5.aIceland Grounds (Division 27.5.a)Iceland Grounds (Division 27.5.a)X
27.5.bFaroes Grounds (Division 27.5.b)Faroes Grounds (Division 27.5.b)X
27.6Rockall, Northwest Coast of Scotland and North Ireland (Subarea 27.6)Rockall, Northwest Coast of Scotland and North Ireland (Subarea 27.6)X
27.6.aNorthwest Coast of Scotland and North Ireland or as the West of Scotland (Division 27.6.a)Northwest Coast of Scotland and North Ireland or as the West of Scotland (Division 27.6.a)X
27.6.bRockall (Division 27.6.b)Rockall (Division 27.6.b)X
27.7Irish Sea, West of Ireland, Porcupine Bank, Eastern and Western English Channel, etc (Subarea 27.7)Irish Sea, West of Ireland, Porcupine Bank, Eastern and Western English Channel, etc (Subarea 27.7)X
27.7.aIrish Sea (Division 27.7.a)Irish Sea (Division 27.7.a)X
27.7.bWest of Ireland (Division 27.7.b)West of Ireland (Division 27.7.b)X
27.7.cPorcupine Bank (Division 27.7.c)Porcupine Bank (Division 27.7.c)X
27.7.dEastern English Channel (Division 27.7.d)Eastern English Channel (Division 27.7.d)X
27.7.eWestern English Channel (Division 27.7.e)Western English Channel (Division 27.7.e)X
27.7.fBristol Channel (Division 27.7.f)Bristol Channel (Division 27.7.f)X
27.7.gCeltic Sea North (Division 27.7.g)Celtic Sea North (Division 27.7.g)X
27.7.hCeltic Sea South (Division 27.7.h)Celtic Sea South (Division 27.7.h)X
27.7.jSouthwest of Ireland - East (Division 27.7.j)Southwest of Ireland - East (Division 27.7.j)X
27.7.kSouthwest of Ireland - West (Division 27.7.k)Southwest of Ireland - West (Division 27.7.k)X
27.8Bay of Biscay (Subarea 27.8)Bay of Biscay (Subarea 27.8)X
27.8.aBay of Biscay - North (Division 27.8.a)Bay of Biscay - North (Division 27.8.a)X
27.8.bBay of Biscay - Central (Division 27.8.b)Bay of Biscay - Central (Division 27.8.b)X
27.8.cBay of Biscay - South (Division 27.8.c)Bay of Biscay - South (Division 27.8.c)X
27.8.dBay of Biscay - Offshore (Division 27.8.d)Bay of Biscay - Offshore (Division 27.8.d)X
27.8.eWest of Bay of Biscay (Division 27.8.e)West of Bay of Biscay (Division 27.8.e)X
27.9Portuguese Waters (Subarea 27.9)Portuguese Waters (Subarea 27.9)X
27.9.aPortuguese Waters - East (Division 27.9.a)Portuguese Waters - East (Division 27.9.a)X
27.9.bPortuguese Waters - West (Division 27.9.b)Portuguese Waters - West (Division 27.9.b)X
31Atlantic, Western CentralAtlantic, Western CentralX
34Atlantic, Eastern CentralAtlantic, Eastern CentralX
37Mediterranean and Black SeaMediterranean and Black SeaX
37.1Western Mediterranean (Subarea 37.1)Western Mediterranean (Subarea 37.1)
37.1.1Balearic (Division 37.1.1)Balearic (Division 37.1.1)
37.1.2Gulf of Lions (Division 37.1.2)Gulf of Lions (Division 37.1.2)
37.1.3Sardinia (Division 37.1.3)Sardinia (Division 37.1.3)
37.2Central Mediterranean (Subarea 37.2)Central Mediterranean (Subarea 37.2)
37.2.1Adriatic (Division 37.2.1)Adriatic (Division 37.2.1)
37.2.2Ionian (Division 37.2.2)Ionian (Division 37.2.2)
37.3Eastern Mediterranean (Subarea 37.3)Eastern Mediterranean (Subarea 37.3)
37.3.1Aegean (Division 37.3.1)Aegean (Division 37.3.1)
37.3.2Levant (Division 37.3.2)Levant (Division 37.3.2)
37.4Black Sea (Subarea 37.4)Black Sea (Subarea 37.4)
37.4.1Marmara Sea (Division 37.4.1)Marmara Sea (Division 37.4.1)
37.4.2Black Sea (Division 37.4.2)Black Sea (Division 37.4.2)
37.4.3Azov Sea (Division 37.4.3)Azov Sea (Division 37.4.3)
41Atlantic, SouthwestAtlantic, SouthwestX
47Atlantic, SoutheastAtlantic, SoutheastX
48Atlantic, AntarticAtlantic, AntarticX
51Indian Ocean, WesternIndian Ocean, WesternX
57Indian Ocean, EasternIndian Ocean, EasternX
58Southern Indian Ocean, AntarcticSouthern Indian Ocean, AntarcticX
61Pacific, NorthwestPacific, NorthwestX
67Pacific, NortheastPacific, NortheastX
71Pacific, Western CentralPacific, Western CentralX
77Pacific, Eastern CentralPacific, Eastern CentralX
81Pacific, SouthwestPacific, SouthwestX
87Pacific, SoutheastPacific, SoutheastX
88Pacific, AntarcticPacific, AntarcticX