T4245 Trade item condition code

Code valueNameDescriptionUsed in Sweden
BMSBelow Minimum Conservation Reference SizeAll fish smaller than the minimum conservation reference size
CBFCod butterfly EscaladoHeaded with skin on, spine on, tail on
CLAClawsClaws onlyX
CUT_FOR_SALECut For SaleIdentifies food (e.g. meat, cold cut, cheese) or non-food product (e.g. chain, textile) that has already been cut, sliced or chopped for sale by the time they reach the retailer. Example: loin or chuck transported as steaks into the shop where these are sold as products.
DWTICCAT codeGilled, gutted, part of head off, fins offX
FILFilletedHeaded, gutted, tail off, bones off. Each fish originates two fillets not joined by any partX
FISFilleted and Skinned FilletsFilleted, skin off. Each fish originates two Fillets not joined by any partX
FSBFilleted with Skin and BonesFilleted with skin and bones on
FSPFilleted Skinned with Pinbone OnFilleted with skin removed and pin bone on
GHTGutted Headed and TailedGuts and head removed and tail offX
GUGGutted and GilledGuts and gills removedX
GUHGutted and HeadedGuts and head removedX
GULGutted Liver InGutted without removing liver partsX
GUSGutted Headed and SkinnedGuts and head removed and skin offX
GUTGuttedAll guts removedX
HEAHeadedHeads offX
JAPJapanese CutTransversal cut removing all parts from head to belly
JATTailed Japanese CutJapanese cut with tail removed
LAPLappenDouble fillet, headed, skin, tails and fins on
LVR_CLiver-CLiver - collective presentation
OTHOtherAny other presentationX
ROERoe (s)Roe(s)X
ROE_CRoe (s) - CRoe(s) - Collective presentation
SADHeaded with Skin On, Spine On, Tail On and Salted DryHeaded with skin on, spine on, tail on and salted dry
SALHeaded with Skin On, Spine On, Tail On and SaltedHeaded with skin on, spine on, tail on and salted
SGHSalted, Gutted and HeadedGuts and head removed and salted
SGTSalted GuttedGutted and saltedX
SKISkinnedSkin offX
TALTailTails onlyX
TLDTailedTail off
TNG_CTongue - Collective PresentationTongue - collective presentation
TO_BE_CUT_FOR_SALETo Be Cut For SaleIdentifies a food (e.g. meat, cold cut, cheese) or non-food product (e.g. chain textile) identified to be cut, sliced or chopped before selling to the final consumer. Example: a carcass side of a pig would be chopped into steaks and other cuts of pork at the meat department of the shop and sold as separate products.
TO_BE_PORTIONEDTo Be PortionedFor bulk items, in order to sell the item to consumer portions must be taken from bulk and created to meet consumer buying habits
TUBTube OnlyTube only (Squid)
WHLWholeNo processingX
WNGWingsWings onlyX