T4124 Packaging function code

Code value Name Description Used in Sweden
ANTI_TAMPERING Anti-tampering A methodology used to hinder, or deter unauthorized access to a device. X
ANTISEPTIC Antiseptic The process by which a sterile (aseptic) product (typically food or pharmaceutical) is packaged in a sterile container in a way which maintains sterility. X
ATOMIZER Atomizer A device for reducing a liquid to a fine spray. (e.g., medicine, perfume, etc). An atomizer does not rely on a pressurised container for the propellant. X
CHILD_RESISTANT_CLOSURE Child resistant closure Indicates that the product packaging is equipped with a safety closure that cannot be opened by a child.
COATED Coated Covered with a material (paraffin, wax) that protects the product or packaging. X
COMPRESSED Compressed Content has been pressed together to the maximum possible way. X
DISPENSER Dispenser A device or mechanism to supply or extract contents. X
GIFT_WRAPPED Gift-wrapped Packaging is wrapped in a decorative way for the purposes of the consumer giving it as a gift. X
HERMETICALLY_SEALED Hermetically sealed The packaging which is designed and intended to be secure against the entry of microorganisms and to maintain the safety and quality of its contents after processing. X
HYGIENIC Hygienic Conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease, especially by being clean; sanitary. Example: A load carrier that is designed so that the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) cleaning standard can be applied and the load carrier is therefore suitable for the transport and storage of food.
ISOTHERMIC Isothermic Thermal carry container designed for the carriage of temperature controlled goods such as vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and medicines. X
MODIFIED_ATMOSPHERE Modified-atmosphere The practice of modifying the composition of the internal atmosphere of a package, (commonly food packages, and drugs) in order to improve the shelf life. X
OXYGEN_INFUSED Oxygen-infused A barrier packaging material for an infusion solution, i.e., oxygen. X
PEEL_OFF Peel-off A section of the packaging can be detached with ease in order to have access to the content or product, e.g. peel-off Lids used for packing Milk, Coffee and Cacao Powder. X
PINPACK Pin-pack The package is equipped to be hung up on a hook". X
PROTECTED Protected Functionality to keep from being damaged, attacked, stolen, or injured; guard. X
SIFT_PROOF Sift-proof Packaging is designed to prevent leaking of the content specially when it is on powdered or liquid state. X
RECLOSABLE Reclosable Packaging designed to allow item to be reclosed after being opened.
REINFORCED Reinforced A component is added to a container for a particular application to lend additional support under severe applications. X
SEALED Sealed An unopened package which cannot be opened without breaking or damaging such package or any seal, adhesive label or other part of or attachment to such package. Most commonly a sealed package is not air tight. X
TAMPER_EVIDENT Tamper-evident The packaging is designed to show when there has been some interference with the original sealing or configuration of the packaging. X
VACUUM_PACKED Vacuum packed Packaging in containers, either rigid or flexible, from which substantially all gases have been removed prior to final sealing of the container. X
WATER_RESISTANT Water-resistant Coated with materials that make the packaging impervious to the effects of water. X
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