T3849 Import classification type code

Code valueNameDescriptionUsed in Sweden
CTCURBKCTCURBKCustoms Tariff Of The Customs Union Between Russia Belarus And KazakhstanX
EU_EXCISE_PRODUCT_CODEEEPCEU classification of the products that are subjected to excise duties : http://goo.gl/Q671jFX
FEACNRFFEACNRFForeign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature of Russian FederationX
HARMONIZED_COMMODITY_DESCRIPTION_AND_CODING_SYSTEMHS numberAn internationally standardized system of names and numbers for classifying traded products developed and maintained by the World Customs Organization (WCO).X
HARMONIZED_TARIFF_SCHEDULE_OF_THE_USHTS USTariff classifications for goods imported into the United StatesX
INTRASTATINTRASTATA system for collecting information and producing statistics on the trade in goods between countries of the European Union (EU).X
INTRASTAT_COMBINED_NOMENCLATUREINTRASTAT combineCollection of commodity codes used with the European Union.X
MERCOSURMERCOSURA regional trade agreement created in 1991, and it is integrated by Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Venezuela.X
NOMENCLATURE_GENERALE_DES_PRODUITSNGDPThis import classification type is a French supplement to the European combined nomenclature.X
TARIF_INTEGRE_DE_LA_COMMUNAUTETICIntegrated Tariff of the European CommunityX
TN_VEDTN VDA commodity nomenclature of foreign-economic activity in Commonwealth of Independent States.X