T3105 Mode of transport

Code valueNameDescriptionUsed in Sweden
10Maritime transportX
20Rail transportX
30Road transportX
40Air transportX
50Mail(Actual mode of transport unknown) - This code is provided for practical reasons, despite the fact that mail is not a genuine mode of transport. In many countries, the value of merchandise exported by mail is considerable, but the exporter or importer concerned would be unable to state by which mode postal items had passed the national border.X
60Multimodal transportThis code is used when goods are carried to their destination by at least two different modes on the basis of one transport contract. (Local pick-up and delivery of goods out in the performance of a unimodal transport contract shall not be considered as multimodal transport.)X
70Fixed transport installationsThis code applies to installations for continuous transport such as pipelines, ropeways and electric power lines.X
100Courier service (GS1 Code)X