T0194 Duty fee tax type code

Code valueNameDescriptionUsed in Sweden
AADTobacco taxA tax levied on tobacco products.
AAEEnergy taxA tax levied on the supply of energy or fuels.
AAFCoffee tax A tax levied specifically on coffee products.
AAJTax on replacement partA tax levied on a replacement part, where the original part is returned.
ACTAlcohol taxAlcohol tax
CARCar taxA tax that is levied on the value of the automobile.
ENVEnvironmental taxTax assessed for funding or assuring environmental protection or clean-up.
EXCExcise dutyCustoms or fiscal authorities code to identify a specific or ad valorem levy on a specific commodity, applied either domestically or at time of importation.
GSTGoods and services taxTax levied on the final consumption of goods and services throughout the production and distribution chain.
IMPImport taxTax assessed on imports.
OILOil taxOil tax
OTHOther taxesUnspecified, miscellaneous tax charges.
VATValue added taxA tax on domestic or imported goods applied to the value added at each stage in the production/distribution cycle.X
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