It is possible to connect to our Directory service and the Number Information Service via API. To connect, you need an agreement for Directory.


The GS1 Sweden Directory 4 API allows you to create, edit, and delete locations in Directory. To access the API, you need a service account (an email address) to access the web service methods. We also need your GLN in order to identify the connection to our service.

Number Information Service (GEPIR)

The GS1 GEPIR 4 Web Services API gives you access to business information about organizations all over the world, that are connected to GS1. The service allow you to make enquiries about GS1 keys such as GTIN, GLN, and SSCC and receive business information about the subscriber. In order for us to make the connection, we need to know your GLN and IP address.

For more information, see the specifications linked on the right of this page. If you have any questions, please contact customer service.