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Number sequences – private companies and organizations
Single numbers – private companies and organizations
Number sequences and Single numbers – municipalities and regions
Number sequences and Single numbers – government agencies
One-off GLN
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Number sequence and Single number

Number sequences – private companies and organizations

Your company’s annual turnover (MSEK)Annual subscription fee excl. VAT (SEK)
0-31 490
3-103 810
10-255 750
25-1007 800
100-50012 900
500-1 00016 800
1 000-5 00020 200
5 000-10 00024 600
More than 10,00029 100

Single numbers – private companies and organizations*

Your company’s annual turnover (SEK million)Annual subscription fee excl. Vat (SEK)
1-1001 490
100-10001 630
More than 1,0001 845
*Note that a single number only can be used to create one GTIN, one GLN and/or 100,000 SSCCs. A single number cannot be used to create any of GS1’s other identifiers. If your company needs to use one of GS1’s other identifiers or needs to number more than one item or place, you need to order a subscription to a GS1 Company Prefix.

Number sequences and Single numbers – municipalities and regions

Annual subscription fee excl. VAT (SEK)
Number sequences16 800
Single numbers1,490 per number

Number sequences and Single numbers – government agencies

Number of employeesAnnual subscription fee excl. VAT (SEK)
0-191 490
20-493 810
50-995 750
100-4997 650
500-1 99912 900
2 000-3 99916 800
More than 4,00020 150
Single numbers1,490 per number

One-off GLN

Subscription for a GLN number which ables you to identify one place or party.

Number of GLN:sAnnual subscription fee excl. VAT (SEK)


The fee for checking a barcode with BarcodeCheck depends on the barcode type. You pay per barcode, pallet label or transport label (including its barcode) that we check.

Barcode type or pallet label type
(including its barcode)
Fee per barcode or pallet label
(including its barcode)
EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-12, ITF-14660 (PLUS 860)*
GS1-128, GS1 DataBar, GS1 DataMatrix900 (PLUS 1100)*
GS1 Pallet Label/GS1 Transport Label1 150
GS1 Pallet Label PLUS1 350
PLUS is an extended control of the barcode or pallet label.
*Prices for PLUS services will take effect at a later time, we will inform you in plenty of time before these are applied. Until then, the PLUS services are included in the basic fee..

The basic fee for checking a barcode or pallet label with BarcodeCheck includes:

  • Check that the barcode complies with GS1 standard.
  • Feedback in the form of a detailed report. The report shows the results of the checks, descriptions of possible errors and suggestions on how to correct the errors.

The add-on service PLUS also includes verification that the GS1 item number (GTIN) on the outer packaging label or pallet label corresponds with the trade item information.


Annual turnover (MSEK)Annual fee (SEK)
3-103 200
10-257 500
25-10011 200
100-50015 500
500-1 00019 200
1 000-5 00024 500
5 000-10 00031 200
More than 10,00034 500

Fees for municipalities, county councils, government agencies, universities, colleges and museums

Annual fee (SEK)
29 200

Forms and Agreements

Terms and Conditions GS1 Company Prefix
Ordering GS1 Company Prefix
Termination GS1 Company Prefix*
Transfer GS1 Company prefix**
Agreement terms BarcodeCheck
Agreement Terms Directory
Personal Data Agreement Directory
* Please note that any termination must be made in writing. Use the termination form and send it to kundservice@gs1.se or by post to
GS1 Sweden AB
Västra Järnvägsgatan 15, 12t floor
Box 1178, SE-111 91 Stockholm
** When transferring a prefix / service, the recipient is charged an administrative transfer fee of SEK 400 per prefix or service.