Santa Maria enlists the help of Validoo CGI at launch

CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) is digitally produced images and especially good for launch when the challenge is to produce physical samples in time for photography. This is the view of Oskar Långelid of Paulig Foods, who enlisted the help of CGI for the launch of Santa Maria’s spice range with a new design.

Computer-generated technology for product images

Oskar Långelid, Paulig Foods

Paulig Foods, which owns the Santa Maria brand, has started marketing a new packaging design with smart lids for its entire spice range of 330 items during the autumn.

Product images for market & planograms are necessary for product launches and since the new spice jars were in production, finished products were missing to photograph. Here it was a matter of finding an innovative and cost-effective imaging technology that secured a time critical moment at launch.

“The big challenge for us was to produce physical samples on time. The design changes to the can also required small changes in production, which did not help an already strained deadline, says Oskar Långelid, Product Data Coordinator at Paulig Foods.

During the spring, the company contacted Validoo’s photo studio to see if computer-generated technology (CGI) could be a good solution for Santa Maria’s spice range with many items of the same packaging model.

Om CGI (Computer Generated Imagery)

CGI-bilder är helt datorgenererade och innebär att varken kamera eller fysisk produkt behövs vid framställandet. Resultatet blir högkvalitativa fotorealistiska produktbilder för marknadsföring och planogram.

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This is what happened

1. Creation of a packaging model

To create product images using CGI technology, Validoo’s 3D artist first needed to create a model depicting the shape of the packaging. This was based on a print original and the dimensions of the product. Oskar Långelid says:

“During the spring, we sent drawings and reference pictures of the new jar, so that the 3D artists at Validoo’s photo studio could create a model of the packaging. Validoo handled the artwork together with our agency.

First, a packaging model was created

In developing the packaging model, Paulig Foods was involved and gave input on the design proposal. Since the range consisted of variant-based items, which means several different items of the identical packaging type, CGI images became both affordable and time-saving when over 1,300 images were to be produced. Oskar Långelid emphasises:

“The main advantage of CGI images is that the same model forms the basis for several different artworks, which can be easily replaced.

2. Visible contents of the jar

Visible content was photographed and mounted into the spice jars

To create images of glass jars with visible content, the spices were photographed separately outside the package and then mounted into each CGI image. In doing so, a photo library was created with Santa Maria’s spices/content that can be used for new CGI images in the future.

“Almost all of our spice packs for retail and food service have a visible window where you can see the spice itself. In future changes of labels or formats, we have that basis ready,” says Oskar Långelid.

Lighting, materials and other finishes were created

3. Labels and materials

Once the 3D artist filled the computer-generated images of the spice jars with different contents, it was time to apply material (glass, paper and plastic) to the different elements of the product (cork and label).

Lighting and other final finish were eventually created to produce a photorealistic product image.

Validoo’s photo studio linked article information to the image, which was then uploaded in Validoo. An important step in Paulig Foods’ launch process was thus completed.


Secured launch and cost savings

The most important thing from a supplier perspective was that CGI technology was able to eliminate the risk element of getting the product images ready in time for launch.

“The choice of CGI meant that we did not have to worry about how we would get the samples on time. We also didn’t have to spend the considerable time it would have taken to pad, pack and send physical samples. Compared to how we developed images before, CGI was also a very cost-effective solution,” says Oskar Långelid.

We are very pleased with the result but also that we got to be involved in the development.

Oskar Långelid, Paulig Foods (which owns the Santa Maria brand)

1,300 images for seven different markets

Prior to Santa Maria’s spice launch, three packaging models and over 1,300 CGI images have been produced for all Nordic countries as well as the Baltics, Holland and Belgium where each country has specific imaging requirements.

“The images that were produced would meet the demands of all markets and here it felt very reassuring to use Validoo’s photo studio. We are very pleased with the result but also that we got to be involved in the development,” says Oskar Långelid.

Fem fördelar med CGI

Paulig Foods tipsar om nyttor för leverantörer

  1. Säkrar ett tidskritiskt moment vid lansering
  2. Kostnadseffektivt med samma förpackningsmodell för flera olika varianter
  3. Tidsbesparande eftersom förberedelser inför fotografering inte behövs
  4. Minskad logistik eftersom du slipper hantering av fysiska varuprov
  5. Bilder för olika marknader kan tas fram utifrån samma förpackningsmodell

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