Looking ahead to 2020

We are ready to dive into 2020 and we want to tell you a bit about how we will collaborate with you during the year. Whether you are a new customer or an experienced user of GS1 standards, the new year includes a lot of exciting activities.

We will product develop our standards and services to even better match your increased need for;

  • Digitisation
  • Automation
  • Traceability
  • Sustainability

… data quality. To name just a few things.

Continued focus on 2D codes

Last year, we put a lot of effort into informing about a future shift from striped to checkered where the traditional one-dimensional barcode is eventually replaced by the 2D code, which contains complete data for the entire value chain and which your consumers can also access by using their smartphones. A 2D code can be, for example, GS1 DataMatrix or GS1 QR.

We will now continue to inform about the many possibilities of 2D codes to different target groups. Switching from traditional barcode to 2D is already carried out in several places in the world and there are lots of examples and best practice from brand owners who have already made the change.

More digital webinars

There has been an incredible engagement on our popular seminars on e-commerce, data quality and QR codes. This is a format that we will continue with, but expanded with practical seminars and training both online and in classrooms.

We test and analyze new contact areas physically and online where you get training, information and insight into how to benefit and use our standards and services. We hope to meet you in one of these forums soon!

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