Autumn cleaning your digital range in Validoo

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Get better data quality and save money by cleaning your digital assortment in Validoo. Take the opportunity to archive articles and pictures that you do not use before the invoice arrives.

If you use Validoo for article entry and image storage, it is now time to review your digital assortment in Validoo. Namely, it is the number of published articles (with image) on 31 December that generates the annual invoice for 2023. By keeping your assortment updated with only current product information, you do not have to pay for the items and images that have been discontinued from the range. You also get better data quality and order in your assortment while the right articles are displayed correctly for your customers in our public service ProductSearch.

Archive photos in Validoo

You can easily delete images that are no longer used (for example, seasonal items or items that have been discontinued). The fee you pay is per article that has a published image, so remember to archive all images that belong to the article if it has expired.

Do this:

  • Log in to Validoo
  • Select Digital Assets in the left menu
  • Select the article or articles you want to archive
  • Click Archive in the top menu and confirm

Clear expired items in Validoo DataEntry

In Validoo DataEntry (input system for filling in product information), you can by filling in the term T4015 End time for outgoing article and then publish, put your article as expired.

This means that you will no longer be billed for the item.

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