Interior and design

The user group for interior and design companies aim to improve and influence GS1 standards as well as streamline and facilitate the industry’s way of working with electronic product information and information flows.

Target group

Wholesalers, suppliers, manufacturers and retailers.


Blomsterlandet i Sverige – Andreas Karlsson

Beleco – Sebastian Rudenstam

Briscapo – Roobina Persson

Capti Design – Bengt Persbratt

Cervera – Anna Tyseng

Curero Design – Bengt Svensson

Fiskars Sweden – Malin King

Hilkeindesign – Ciovanna Hilke

ICA Sverige -Anette Andersson

Kinnarps – Fritiof Nilsson

Kunskapstavlan – Agneta Norlin

Magasin friend of brands – Johan Schultzberg

Nordic Nest – Jenny Pörn

Orrefors KOSTA BODA – Roland Feith

Royal Design – Anna Skaldeman

Rusta – Linus Eriksson

Sagaform – Christer Hallberg

Skeppshult – Pelle Lönnberg

Society of Lifestyle – Sofia Maiquez

Svenssons in Lammhult – Emil Andersson


Önska – Linus Sjögren

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