Digital Drink Glass Bottle

Mobil med digitalt kvitto

You’re holding a fresh new Digital Drink in your hand. Take a minute and discover the possibilities of the GS1 Digital Link that brought you here.

GS1 Digital Link, also known as the smart QR code, and digital receipts enable greater flexibility in communication and interaction with consumers. For consumers, this means that the receipt is always available, and for retailers, consumer messages and offers can be added in the receipt.

With digital receipts, targeted recalls can be made directly to the consumer. Push notifications are sent to everyone who purchased a recalled item, allowing consumers to find out about recalls a lot quicker than they would be able to today.

The smart QR code can contain information about a specific batch, which could mean significant cost savings when only the affected batch needs to be recalled. This offers benefits for suppliers, consumers, Swedish retailers in general, and the environment.

The solution for digital receipts and targeted recalls has been developed by Findity and Kivra in collaboration with GS1.

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